• Cheat Engine 6.2 [ Download ]
  • Download Cue Codes [ Download ] MediaFire  
  • How to use:
  • Go to 8 Ball Pool
  • Open Cheat Engine
  •  Click mini cpu icon at the top left of cheat engine or the small box under file tab Select -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe |Google Chrome
  • In Cheat engine Scan 1044. [Code of London Cue 1044]
  • Double click the result or click the 1st address, hold shift and then click the last address, click the red arrow
  • Change all the values to 119. [Code of The Million Cue 119.](Select 1 address below. Hold Ctrl +A and then hit Enter key)
  • After changing value click play and choose Practice and finish or reload it..
  • After you reload the browser go to Pool Shop.
  • ENJOY!


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